Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude


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Everything that you do is affected by the attitude that you have. All that you do and say is being observed by others. The observation is being done when you are unaware.


Someone is always watching you. Your example is so important. Godly attitudes lead to right choices. Ungodly attitudes lead to wrong choices. In this book I focus on eleven attitudes that God teaches about in the Bible. As we cultivate these attitudes we will see how God will bless us and make our lives successful. I look at faith, prayer, patience, obedience, meditation, humility, passion, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion and love. For each I give examples from the Bible of how God promoted the lives of those that developed one of these attitudes in their life. This book will help you to position yourself in God so that you can gain the altitude that God intended for you. Your attitude determines your altitude. A Godly attitude will enable you to become the person God intended you to be.