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Help others understand the meaning of the faith. A Dictionary of the Bible and Christian Doctrine in Everyday English provides easy-to-understand definitions of commonly used biblical, theological, and doctrinal terms. It covers every phase of Christian doctrine, presenting the major theological viewpoints in simple language.


The classic Zondervan Handbook to the Biblehas been updated with new imagery. From the history and design of the temple in Jerusalem to God's relationship with the universe, you'll find it here. The land, culture, battles, feast days, heroes, and villains of Scripture come alive through spectacular color-filled articles and images of meticulous clarity...


Christians believe many different things. Distinguishing the essentials from the nonessentials seems impossible. Is there any way to make sense of it all?Written by educators and pastors from different backgrounds and cultures, Essential Beliefs is an indispensable benefit for those wanting a deeper grasp of the Christian faith.


The Tyndale Handbook of Bible Charts & Maps features over 400 charts and 200 maps useful to any Bible student or teacher. The pages are perforated for easy removal and fully reproducible for classroom use. This is the only handbook of charts and maps on the market that includes a CD containing full-color maps and the complete text of the New Living...


The Bible -- sacred scripture, literary classic, historical document. No matter how it is viewed, it remains the basis of much of Western culture. This fully revised edition of the HarperCollins Bible Commentaryis the most up-to-date reference book of its kind for understanding and interpreting the meaning of the Bible. The accessible and highly readable...


How to Read the Bible Book by Book by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart helps people read the Bible as a whole by showing how each book fits into the grand narrative of Scripture.

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