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In a world that tends to rely on what is secure and seen, where is our FAITH? What happened to those relentless, righteous, risky, radical men and women of God who overcame every obstacle; moving forward in faith into the unknown? Let’s get back to the FAITH of the Heroes of old and become people who live out our faith regardless of the obstacles.

We are Missionaries

When Jesus called us to follow Him, He was inviting us to join Him in His redemptive work to transform the world.  This work can only happen when we become what Jesus envisioned when He called us to follow Him.
His initial call was for us to become fishers of men and help the world know His story of redemption for the world.  One of the biggest ways God wants us to do this is by telling His story in our story.
This is a life calling that involves a red hot commitment to the mission Jesus has given us by taking His message to where we live, work and play. We are missionaries to our world by funding sending and going into our world sharing His story through our story!