Living Through Troubled Times-Witnessing the Rainbow


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Living Through Troubled Times: Witnessing the Rainbow explores the inspirational journeys of twenty-one courageous people who encountered insurmountable storms in their lives and personally witnessed the rainbow of God's love and support. It explores a variety of challenges, from losing a job to a heart transplant to beating Stage 4 cancer.


This rich collection of true, life-changing stories and corresponding devotionals will open your eyes, warm your heart, and give you hope in God's unconditional love.

The book provides real-life examples that clearly demonstrate how God cares about ALL our storms, no matter how big or how small they may be. Our personal storms may come in the form of a lost job, work conflicts, betrayal, abuse, money issues, depression, failures, addictions, illness, and yes - even death. The good news, despite the shape or magnitude of our problems, God is with us! We do not need to face our challenges alone. He will carry us through the storms of life if we will simply trust Him.

Together, let's boldly explore the stories of ordinary people who allowed God's light to shine into the dark and overwhelming times of their lives. Life's journeys may be painful, but when God is leading our way, we know there is a rainbow at the end of our storms. 

About the Author...Dianne Tolliver is an inspirational speaker and leadership coach. She enjoyed many years in the corporate world holding various executive positions before transitioning into her new phase of life as an author and consultant. She lives in Oakton, Virginia